Super Weekend Mode – easiest 1K gamerscore you will ever have

Super Weekend Mode – easiest 1K gamerscore you will ever have

To be honest, this is sort of a short review of Super Weekend Mode. You would think that this game is a game that would take a whole weekend to complete … well, my friend, the title is misleading. To get all 1,000 GamerScore from this game takes under half an hour. Yes, half an hour or less if you are slightly better at multi-tasking.

So this game comes from Ratalaika Games. Just now I found out that they make games that are ported for consoles (Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch). If the game comes from Ratalaika Games then know one thing – this game is easy and quick 1,000 GamerScore. Their library of around 15-20 games is a great score boost. They cost anywhere from $1 to $6 (depending on the game).

Alright, that is enough about the company itself. Let’s chat abou the game – Super Weekend Mode. So this game requires 3 buttons – Left and Right buttons and button A. If you select aut-shoot mode then you really need just 2 buttons. It’s something like Galaga on NES/SNES. You also get to select hearts and avoid bunnies and skulls.

I really can’t tell you more about it. I just tell you this – if you are a hardcore gamerscore/achievement hunter like I am then get this game – 1,000 GS within 20-30 minutes. What more can you ask for? Why not look at entire Ratalaika library? You could easily get 15,000+ GS by the end of this year. As a matter of fact, for the next few weeks until the end of the year, I will be playing Ratalaika games mainly for achievements and GS. I think they are releasing one game a month … sometimes 2 games a month.

The game has only 11 achievements:

  • Beat level 1
  • Beat level 2
  • Beat level 3
  • Collect 300 hearts
  • Achieve a chain of 100
  • Score 30,000 points
  • Score 50,000 points
  • Die once
  • Level up
  • Play on hardest difficulty (3 hearts and auto-shoot mode off)
  • Beat bunny for the first time

So to get all the achievements, just play on the easiest difficulty. You will easily achieve most of the achievements. To beat the bunny you need to hit bunnies with the side of the pad. To play on highest diffulty – just set to 3 hearts and turn the auto-shoot mode off. All you have to do is start the game and you will achieve it. You don’t need to beat anything on that difficulty.

Easy 1,000 Gamer Score within 20-30 minutes playing Super Weekend Mode.

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