Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – storyline might be short

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – storyline might be short

Hi all. So I had a good few hours to test the game even more … I will be playing the game for about 6-8 hours tonight and try to beat as much story as I can. However, so far, the game does not loot to be too difficult or too long.

So now I just have saved Wookies (or whatever they are called) and looking to escape the prison or the building … or the whole building.

From what I understand, I have completed roughly one third of the game. At this phase, I should complete the game entirely by next Friday, when Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts comes out.

My best guess is that now I have saved Wookies, I will still have to escape the planet and do roughly another 7 missions (according to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order secret achievements).

I already completed a few achievements that require some “grinding” … killing 50 enemies by reflecting their laser shots. Another one I completed was where you had to parry 100 times. I also killed an enemy using only kicks. That one is very easy – you just need to find enemy that’s not that strong and uses melee. It’s best to do it near the start of the game. You have to unlock the kicking ability though … but then it’s easy – just dash and hit “X” to kick.

Tonight my plan is to complete 2-3 more missions. I doubt that I will be able to unlock all Jedi abilities … I guess it will take a while … especially when the achievement is worth 100 GS!

Also, it seems like there are no side quests and you have to follow this certain path in order to progress. However, you can freely roam around the worlds and when you are in your space-craft, you can freely choose which planet you’d like to visit.

Obviously, I will blog about tonight’s progress tomorrow.

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