Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – first thoughts

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – first thoughts

So I got a brand new game yesterday. I know I may have mentioned before that my next game would be Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, it’s not out until next Friday … so I thought I might just try the new Star Wars out …

… and guess what? I’m FUCKING LOVING IT! First of all, the gameplay feels like it’s ripped from Sekiro. I mean, there are checkpoint where you have to meditate in order to save (exactly like in Sekiro). Also, you have a sword (lightsaber), fight, use abilities, etc … exactly like in Sekiro … however, it feels like there are more games involved than just Sekiro …

It somehow reminds me Prince of Persia, Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed series too … there are things like climbing up the walls (on certain surfaces), running along the walls (just a quick note about Assassin’s Creed – if you can climb pretty much any sirface, how come no horizontal wall running introduced yet?). Obviously, Mirror’s Edge and Prince of Persia are similar because of their parkour-like skills.

The world so far seems quite big. I mean, I just completed my second proper quest (after you are introduced to Cere and BD-1). On the second planet, I completed the whole missions and I explored only 20% of the planet …

The fights are quite interesting … but since I am so bad at them, I have hard time beating a group of startroopers … I love that there is parry and that I can actually deflect the laser bullet and actually kill enemies from the distance. I have encountered only one boss (2nd sister, I think, right before jumping on Cere’s ship). Can’t wait to beat 4 legendary beasts.

Gameplay itself is good. Controls well. Force powers aren’t too confusing … I mean you not need to push a combination of buttons to make certain Force moves.

Achievement-wise – I got 3 so far – all story related. Looking at the list, it doesn’t look like a tough game to beat and unlock all 50 achievements. Just a little bit of grinding might be required … like completing BD-1’s holomap and finding all the chests and secrets.

A lot of achievements are tied to doing a certain action a few times … like performing a perfect parry 100 times. Or killing enemy in a certain way such as killing enemy by deflecting a slowed down laser button (that you slowed down with enhance slow force power). I don’t really think that there are any missable achievements.

Alright, so far there are couple of things that I don’t like about the game – meditation system. They say it saves your progress. Cool … also, if you rest during meditation, your health restores completely … the enemies also respawn. I think it’s stupid idea … it’s better if the enemies respawn whenever you exit and enter the planet again. That’s how most games do it. Especially when you can’t fast travel (I think you can travel in Sekiro).

The next thing I dislike is the holomap. I think if they had a proper map like we get in most games such as Assassin’s Creed or One Piece: World Seeker, it would be way more convenient … also, no fast travel options … or at least I have not unlocked yet …

Despite those couple of things that I disliked, I think that the game is actually quite fun. Of course I am playing on the easiest mode as I am really not a fan of Sekiro/Dark Souls. I am signing off for now. Will get back to you either tomorrow or Monday to talk more about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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