Mafia 2: How To Beat Chapter 14

Mafia 2: How To Beat Chapter 14

Hey all! There is no surprise that Mafia 2 popularity returned after its Definitive Edition. What it means is that it’s optimised with much better graphics and gameplay, as well as current consoles (Xbox One and PS4). I just completed whole Mafia 2 base game on HARD difficulty, so I know why people are complaining about its 14th chapter, which, by far, was the hardest.

How to Beat Chapter 14 in Mafia 2

So the chapter starts with Vito answering a phone from Joe. They start early as they need to make A LOT OF MONEY for Bruno. Joe is actually at your house already. All you need to do now is to follow the radar marker to the location where your job is kill federal informant.

Once you arrive at the location, custscene will roll and you see Vito and Joe killing the old man. Sadly, cops notice your crime and now you need to get out. Not only do the cops chase you but also federal agents. Luckly, Joe pulls out his gun and starts shooting at those agents so escaping them is not that hard at all. Once you get out, you part your ways with Joe as you both need to make money. You “split the bill” so to speak.

After splitting with Joe, you decide to pay a visit to Derek. Of course, Derek always needs people like you so you, Steve, Derek and a few other guys arm up with Tommy guns and go to the warehouse where workers are protesting. What they need is for Derek to hire another guy once again. One of the workers recognises Vito and tells him that it’s Derek who killed his father. Then Vito starts questioning Derek. Derek understands that he is not going to get Vito back so he and Steve run away.

The docks and warehouse part

So now is the HARDEST part of the entire game. You need to clear out the docks and then enter the warehouse and kill Derek where he starts throwing Molotov cocktails which makes super hard survive alone. Or so I thought.

Alright, you still need to clear out the docks, kill every single enemy before you enter the warehouse. Actually, don’t enter warehouse at all. Get in a car and drive to the water. Yes, that sounds like suicide and it might be but once you drive into the water, you are respawned on the dock. This time warehouse doors are shut down and Derek’s office doors are open. So you can easily enter Derek’s office and it makes so  much easier to survice because Derek throws one or two Molotovs. But even then those Molotovs don’t actually harm you at all. So just stay in Derek’s office, lean behind the wall, kill all the enemies and once all enemies are dead, you can still hit Derek from his office. Once Derek is dead, be careful, there is likely one more goon left for you to kill.

Once the entire docks and warehouse are cleared, you will need to check Derek’s office. Then you will find a lot of cash at Derek’s desk (like $22,500 or something). I already had $3k with me so I had $25,500 and needed roughly another $2K). After the docks shootout, you still need to make money somehow. You can easier steal cars and sell then to Bruski at the scrapyard or you can rob banks. I chose to sell cars. I only needed to sell 5 cars. Sure, it takes a minute or so to walk from the scrapyard to the square where you can actually find cars but then it’s quite fast.

The rooftops part

Once you have $27,500, you will go to meet Joe at his home. Sadly, he’s not there. Then you decide to visit Eddie, perhaps he knows where he is? No luck there either. Finally, you decide to visit Giuseppe as Joe goes there sometimes. He tells you that Joe was here but he was taken but couple of Vinci’s men. You head out to their restaurant and then a cutscene unfolds. They knock you out and then hang you up on the roof of the construction site next to Joe. You are both still alive and after all goons have gone, you both free yourselves and silently kill the goons on the roof. Then you have to shoot through an army of men in order to escape the construction building.

It seems that Joe has been beaten quite well  so you take him to Greko, the doctor. And, lastly, you bring the cash to Bruno, who, apparently, has lent money to your father when he needed it.

And with that last mission, chapter 14 is done.

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