Kauil’s Treasure review – a fun and short puzzle platformer

Kauil’s Treasure review – a fun and short puzzle platformer

So in Kauil’s Treasure you assume role of Kauil (probably?). This guy is exact Indiana Jones replica. Not just physical traits (hat, dresses, etc …) but he also got his gamous whip.

Kauil’s Treasure will remind everyone of Lego Indiana Jones. I played it so I’d know. Even the graphics wise, this game resembles blocks, not lego blocks but the style somewhat reminds me of lego but it’s different. Also, Lego Indiana Jones was (still is?) isometric platforming game with some combat. Kauil’s Treasure is exactly that except there isn’t much of combat. Sure, there is a skull here and there but nothing difficult at all.

In Kauil’s Treasure, you will have to jump over things (use rocks to cross over river or bottomless pits). In other cases you will have to use your whip to get across larger pits. In terms of combat, you will encounter a few skeletons across all 6 levels therefore if you were looking for Indiana Jones-like combat – you will be disappointed. In order to kill these skeletons, all you have to do is pick up a vase and throw it.

Kauil’s Treasure also offers 6 collectibles. One collectibe per level. They are super easy to find if you follow guides. However, these collectibles don’t really add anything to the game. Collectibles are only required for achievements/trophies. There are 2 achievements related to these collectibles – getting your first collectible and getting all 6 of them.

Kauil won’t squash a bug

Despite game being super fun and all, it has some really nasty and annoying, sometimes game-breaking bugs. Sometimes Kauil stops moving and there is nothing you can do about it. Other times, you need to place object in specific spot and it just doesn’t work. Or you have to pick up a certain object in order to progress further – Kauil won’t pick it up. There are also some issues with moving (apart from where Kauil stops completely). Due to super limited angle control, it’s really hard to get Kauil to certain spots.

Kauil’s Treasure achievements

Now of course, none of my reviews may escape achievement/trophy reviews. First of all, this game is short – all 6 levels will take you around 20 minutes at most. You may need to replay entire game if you miss any collectible or if you die while trying to earn Zero Deaths achievement (there is a workaround here). Other achievements are mostly story related and you cannot miss.

  • I believe I can fly – Used the whip for the first time
  • Our little secret – Got your first secret
  • So Shiny – Grabbed your first gem
  • The Uknown – Completed level 1
  • Making a mess – Broke 5 vases
  • What a Headache – Grabbed your first skull
  • So Strong! – Pushed 5 different rocks
  • I hate those things – Killed 3 enemies
  • The Gardens – Completed level 2
  • The Catacombs – Completed level 3
  • Bridge down! – Dropped the bridge
  • The Bridge – Completed level 4
  • This is lit – Lit your first torch
  • The Cave – Completed level 5
  • Treasure Hunter – Got all the secrets
  • The Biggest Treasure – Completed the game
  • Zero Deaths – Completed the game without deaths

Of course, you can follow this guide for easy 1k Gamerscore.

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