Iron Snout – probably too addictive game

Iron Snout – probably too addictive game

Hey there, I am continuing my yesterday’s promise to play a lot of Ratalaika Games in order to boost my GamerScore. Iron Snout seemed quite a good game to continue. What I want is to achieve 50,000 GamerScore by the end of the year. As of writing this, I have 28K. Guess what? I just need 1K a day to beat it. Guess what again? I can easily do 1K a day with simple games from Ratalaika Games (you can read my Super Weekend Mode and Foxyland 2 reviews) and Sometimes You.

So in today’s post, I would like to share a new game I just found – Iron Snout. You control a pig and all you need to do is kill wolves. You will need A, B, Y and X buttons to play. That is all.

The game is somewhat addicting … I mean you play then you die and you want to play more. It has some action. I mean pig does not move around the screen  – you are in the middle. You choose sides where to hit. You can also jump and crouch. The game gets harder as you progress, obviously but achievements weren’t that difficult.

Alright, so I said a few words about Ratalaika Games yesterday. Today, I am just going to talk about the game without talking much about the company. So in Iron Snout you have 15 achievements only. There are a few action-specific achievements. Others – grinding related.

Iron Snout achievements

  • Let baby wolf hump you
  • Pop tutorial balloons within 10 seconds
  • Put a basket hat on a wolf
  • Get 25 hits combo
  • Kill enemy with a rocket
  • Impale enemy with a tree branch
  • Kick the same head twice
  • Kill 10 enemies in a single game in 1 HP mode
  • Kill 50 enemeis in a single game
  • Kill 250 wolves in total
  • Kill 500 wolves in total
  • Kill 750 wolves in total
  • Kill 1,000 wolves in total
  • Catch 100 items
  • Catch 250 items

While some achievement hunting guides say that this game is 5-10 minutes game, I would like to argue. It took me around 45 minutes. The hardest was beating 50 enemies in a single game. Also, killing 1,000 wolves was a bit grindy … that was the achievement that took most of my time. Obviously, as you keep playing, you will certainly catch 250 items.

Anyway, Iron Snout was another easy 1,000 Gamer Score game that didn’t take 1 hour!

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