Ghost Recon Breakpoint: these missions are too bloody long

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: these missions are too bloody long

Hi there once again. I am back with my daily journal. Last night I played for roughly 5 hours and completed only 3 missions … I mean … come on … each mission over 1.5 hours … seems like Battlefield games.

Anyway, when I had completed 10 main missions, I looked at stats and it said I had completed 35% storyline. So that means there are just under 30 missions in total? Alright, I almost completed half of it.

Also, apparently, there are only 4 chapters (or 5, if you count the last one … I mean it’s my best guess … I haven’t completed it yet).

Anyway, what else I learned that sometimes flying with helicopters is much faster than hopping from bivouac and looking for the closer one using drones … read my yesterday’s post regarding this. Or just find the closest to the destination and get helicopter from there.

Achievements wise, I did not do any hunting, however, I managed to get a few quite naturally … OK, killing 20 enemies by running over by a vehicle wasn’t very natural as I had to go out of my way (literally) to whack them over. However, killing 50 wolves was natural. You get to kill them as you progress with the story … or when reinforcements are called.

The last achievement I got was the one where you need to find 20 clues in the world … I can see how this can be a natural achievement as you get clues sometimes when progressing with the story … for me … it wasn’t very natural as I actually love exploring the world and I certainly interact with the question marks.

The next achievements shouldn’t be too hard to achieve – I need only purple or golden legs/pants to get achievement where you need to wear all purple or higher gear.

Another easy achievement should be the one where you land in enemy territory and kill enemy within 5 seconds. I also discovered almost 50 bivouacs, 20 provinces and destroyed almost 50 drones. I have seen enemies wearing wasps too … also, I am nearing level 30 and unlocking 10 perks.

Also, if I looted a golden weapon – I would unlock the achievement that requires to equip epic gear. I would then dismantle it and fully upgrade another weapon. So tonight I might be able to unlock quite a few more achievements.

There are quite a few really hard achievements … for example – entering RAIDs. This requires gear level 150+. I got 100 so far though I am not even half-way through the story yet.

What about achievements where you have to headshot 3 enemies with a handgun within 5 seconds … or headshot 2 enemies from 200 metres distance within 3 seconds? I really need a sniper that would have a really good scope.

I also learned that handling helicopter is very easy … somewhat reminds me GTA V’s controls. I would like to find a helicopter that would allow me to shoot from pilot’s spot. I have to admit that any vehicle control is quite easy.

Anyway, that’s all from me today. Should play for another 4-5 hours today. I hope to complete another 3-5 main missions so I am at least half-way through the story. Also, unlocking few more achievements would be nice too.

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