Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – finally, getting some legendary loot

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – finally, getting some legendary loot

Hey, so, finally, today I was able to get some legendary loot. I mean it’s not that bad … I got 3 pieces of gear equipped on me and it looks just amazing.

In order to get legendary loot, you don’t need to complete certain missions. I thought you had … apparently, golden loot drops from enemies and can be found in the chests. I think I read on one of the more popular blogs that in order to get legendary loot you would need to complete special missions … well, I was mislead …

Since I got the legendary weapon, I was also able to disassemble into parts. I really needed one part in order to fully upgrade one of the weapon to the max level. I also unlocked “This one is mine” achievement by doing so.

I was also able to complete couple more side missions. It took me around 2 hours to complete the “Critical Mass” side mission. It should have been done within 30 minutes but I had no idea how to get under the mountain.

So, in order to complete that side mission, you need to go to the underground through Ferret Camp. Don’t go to the destination on the surface! You will spend hours to find that location. It is actually under the mountain!

Once you are inside, you need to enter this bunker. However, doors won’t open until you turn on the generator. All you need to do is follow the cable. Once the door is open, you will have to kill some enemies and then turn the BOMB ON! Now look, I spent another half an hour trying to escape the bunker but I would always die. All you need to do is just get out through the door and close it. That’s it!

So yeah, I only completed 2 or 3 side missions over 3 hours but felt so god damn good!

That’s it from me today! Let’s chat tomorrow.

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