Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – becoming all purple

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – becoming all purple

Hey, so today I managed to equip purple gear. I found quite an easy way to find that gear besides enemies dropping it randomly.

All you need to do is use drone so all “question” mark locations become discovered. That means that now you can go to your TacMap and once you hover over that location (or any other already discovered), you will see what rewards you will get from looting.

For quite some time I needed purple pants so decided to look for location that would give me purple pants loot. If your current drone range does not allow you to get to more undiscovered locations, just fast travel to another bivouac.

Also, I finished couple side missions and they are also bloody long. I mean, main missions are extremely long. I thought that side missions would be way less shorter but no … some side missions are quite lengthy … like looting 2 moving trucks, talking to NPC (of course, you need to clear the area first) then she decides to send you elsewhere which is actual fort … so you end up fighting your way through … and then you have to go back to her … which, once again, requires you to clear the area …

Also, when doing side missions, sometimes certain locations cross other missions. What I like about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is that you don’t need to turn the missions on. Sometimes you will kill/interact with certain NPC from another missions even when that mission is not active.

When it comes to achievements, I got couple more – discovered 50 bivouacs … and believe me – there are way more than 50.

I also killed pilot without destroying helicopter first. It’s quite easy – just use LMG or Assault rifle and shoot to helicopter’s windows. Single magazine is not going to destroy the helicopter but it has a massive chance of hitting and killing the pilot. If you destroy helicopter first, just find another one and try again.

The last but not least – I got “Born in purple” achievement which requires you to wear all purple gear. Just refer to my guide above on how to find them quite easily.

That is all from me. I decided to get Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I never played any Star Wars games before and I only watched the very first 2 movies. I hope that I will enjoy the game so expect a lot of posts about that game. Thanks!

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