Foxyland 2 review – easy 1K gamerscore

Foxyland 2 review – easy 1K gamerscore

Hey all! If you are up for another easy game for 1K gamerscore … which, literally, took under 1 hour, then you are in the right place. Today we will talk about Foxyland 2 and how easy this game was. The game comes from none other thant Ratalaika games so you know you are in for an easy game for achievements and GS.

We have already reviewed couple of their games – Super Weekend Mode and Iron Snout. So you can go and take a look at those 2 games as well.

First of all, a little bit of story – you are a fox and your kids were kidnapped by some wolves (brothers?). Then you go after them. That’s all.

So, Foxyland 2 is a platformer game – (side-scrolling gmae) where you have mostly jump over enemies (or shoot them with cherries). You need to collect big coins as some of the levels are locked if you don;t have enough big coins. Usually, these big coins are hidden somewhere where you might need to actually look for but worry not – they aren’t that hard to find.

Sometimes I kind of enjoy playing games like these. Especially if all achievements can be unlocked within an hour or so. There were only 3 stages that I struggled a bit – level 1-12 (first boss fight), level 2-3 and level 2-4.

Foxyland 2 achievements

So in this game, we have 19 achievements:

  • Strong head – Destroy your first box (15 GS)
  • The first coin – Get your first FoxyCoin (big coin) (15 GS)
  • Don’t stop! – Die on any level (15 GS)
  • Second Chance – Get your first life (30 GS)
  • IndianaFox – Find a hidden level (90 GS)
  • Coin collector – find 5 FoxyCoins (15 GS)
  • Green Jumper – Defeat a toad (30 GS)
  • Agile beast – Defeat a opossum (30 GS)
  • High flying bird – Defeat an eagle (30 GS)
  • The adventure begins – Complete 5 levels (90 GS)
  • Big coin collector – Collect 10 FoxyCoins (30 GS)
  • Conqueror of the forest – Complete 10 levels (90 GS)
  • Dangerous Jax – Defeat wolf Jax (90 GS)
  • A real FoxCoin collecotor – Collect 20 FoxyCoins (40 GS)
  • Dessert high flying bird – Defeat a desert-eagle (90 GS)
  • Conqueror of the desert – Complete 15 levels (90 GS)
  • Dessert green jumper – Defeat a desert-toad (90 GS)
  • Dessert agile beast – Defeat a desert-opposum (30 GS)
  • A great adventurer – Complete 20 levels (90 GS)

Foxyland 2 achievements guide and roadmap

So this game takes under 1 hour to rack up 1K GS. The guide is quite straight-forward – play until you complete 20 levels. Play until you hit the second barrier which requires you to collect 36 FoxyCoins. I know that it can be quite difficult to get that many but listen, by the time you hit that barrier, you should have almost all achievements. You are likely to defeat all possible enemies (tied to achievements), died at least once, collected 20 coins.

If you missed anything than you can just go back to any chapter and try complete that/those achievement(s) but you will likely have all of them already completed.

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