Even The Ocean review and achievements – done in 10 minutes?

Even The Ocean review and achievements – done in 10 minutes?

Hey there! Today I would like to tell you more about Even The Ocean – a game developed by Analgesic Productions and published by Ratalaika Games. I hope you are ready for one of the fastest and easiest completions that exists right now.

What is Even The Ocean?

Even The Ocean is a game where you have to save the world from unknown manace. You will need to work with mayor, exploring various cities and entire island / map. The game would normally take around 6 hours to complete if you had to start from the beginning, however, lucky for us, Gamerscore chasers, this game offers some features that I haven’t seen in the past – you get some options to actually start the game at the very ending.

Even The Ocean offers a lot of people to meet in the game. Not only that but you will also be able to explore a few cities and locations surrounding Whiteforge City. The game also offers a massive customisation feature – sort of skip all the dialog prompts (which is super awesome for those who just chase Gamerscore).

Even The Ocean achievements

Yes, so once you make those choices before you start Even The Ocean and you really can finish the game within 10 minutes without even playing it. The game offers only 11 achievements. They are very staight forward – you get 5 for completing 5 acts and the other 6 for visiting certain areas. Full 1,000 GamerScore is yours within 10 minutes.

Even The Ocean achievements:

  • Act 1 Complete – Finish Act 1
  • Act 2 Complete – Finish Act 2
  • Act 3 Complete – Finish Act 3
  • Act 4 Complete – Finish Act 4
  • Act 5 Complete – Finish Act 5
  • Junkyard – Visit the Junkyard
  • The Old Ocean – You found the Old Ocean
  • Journal – Use the Journal
  • Library – Visit the Library
  • Museum – Visit the Art Museum
  • Mom’s house – visit Aliph’s mom’s house

That is it. Super straight forward and super fast Gamerscore.

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