Distraint 2 Review – Self-Exploration Game

Distraint 2 Review – Self-Exploration Game

Hey there! First of all, thank you Ratalaika Games for giving me early access to Distraint 2. I surely put it to good use. The game was developed by Jesse Makkonen and ported to consoled by Ratalaika Games.

Let’s talk about the game now. It’s a 2D platformer (if you can call this game a platformer). This game is more story based with some click and point game elements. Well, actually, in Distraint 2, there is no point. You control your character with arrows and press A (on Xbox One) for action. You can also access your inventory with Y.

The story of a game is somewhat similar to Limbo (or perhaps not?). You are stuck in your mind and you get to meet all sorts of mind powers (or rather throughts??). You meet Reason, Fear and other elements. You get to explore your inner self and your mind. At some point, the game gets a bit scary and creepy when you need to rush to a hiding spot … so you could say sometimes there Distraint 2 becomes a “horror survival” game.

Destraint 2 is quite a short game. Using guides you could finish it in about 1-2 hours. The game is sometimes slow when you have to get from one location to the previous and then do something there and go to another location.

Distraint 2 achievements

  • Break Stuff – Break the shower.
  • Prologue – Complete Prologue.
  • Fix Stuff – Fix the fence.
  • Sabotage – Sabotage the card gadget.
  • Editor – Edit the film.
  • Chapter One – Complete Chapter One.
  • Catch of the Century – Get at least 5 fishes.
  • LIGHT ERROR – Find the dancing bosses.
  • Chapter Two – Complete Chapter Two.
  • Beer – Grab a beer.
  • Machine That Goes Ping – Use the machine.
  • Failure – Fail in the game.
  • Out of My Way! – Find the usher.
  • Chapter Three – Complete Chapter Three.
  • Epilogue – Complete Epilogue

So there you have it – only 15 achievements and only 4 of them non-story related. If you want anohter easy 1k GS then Distraint 2 is a game for you!

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