DCL The Game – servers down on day 1

DCL The Game – servers down on day 1

Hi, I think this is the same problem we had with Ghost Recon Breakpoint when servers went down on day 1.

But Don, you can still play offline, right? Well, yes, of course. However, when you play offline, you don’t get rewarded money. Your record is not being uploaded to the servers either.

Achievements still work but since there are a few achievements related to money and buying things, you end up wasting some time. Anyway, in this game you control a drone and try to compete against other players.

DCL The Game modes

Alright, so this is all I noticed so far. What else I can tell you about this game is that it’s got 4 modes – Trial Attack, Events, Multiplayer and Freefly.

Time Attack is easy – you try to beat every track within certain period of time. You get awarded cash (if you are online) and props (works offline too) depending on your time.

Events – these are a bit tricky. You see, this game is based on real, actual Drone Champions League which kicks off in just under 40 days. At the moment, you can only play the qualifications (I haven’t played, sorry). Some of the achievements are tied to completing several events so you won’t be able to get these within 1 month for sure … I find it truly stupid, especially, when I am achievement hunter.

Multiplayer mode is exactly what it is. I mean, I haven’t tried it yet but I guess there are series of tracks and you compete with each other … these series called race flows or something.

Freefly mode – I am not exactly sure what that is. My best guess is that it’s ability to explore the world as there seems to be 3 different levels with 8 tracks each. It’s locked for me as I am playing on arcade mode. I think it really helps as I don’t need to control altitude. I have never controlled any drones in games (well, except Breakpoint) or real life.

DCL The Game gameplay

The game quite nice. Nice graphics and all. Controls are a bit weird. I am still trying to get used to them. I am pretty sure that you can get used to the controls within a few hours. Adding altitude control would be quite an overkill for me.

DCL The Game verdict

Well, honestly, I only played for just under an hour. I certainly cannot talk a lot about this game. I am waiting for the game creators to fix their bloody servers. So far, it looks OK, won’t ask for a refund ­čśÇ


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