5 things I hate about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Empire

5 things I hate about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Empire

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Empire, however, there is no game without a sin. So here I list 5 things I hate about the game:

  1. No fast travel – even Sekiro had Fast Travel feature. Here, you have to go back to your ship after mission is done … it is a little bit annoying. Of course, it’s fun to explore and all but that I will do after I beat the story (or right before the lastest boss).
  2. Angle sometimes not working – there are quite a few locations where you have to jump from one rope onto another. Camera and control angle makes it quite difficult to turn to another rope.
  3. Loads at some random location – alright, I remember Max Payne 3, for example, would play a cutscene while loading the next stage … Assassin’s Creed would load only at the begginning when the game starts and when you are actually fast travelling … same with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Now this game loads at the beggining and then decides to stop and load while I am moving in the lift … or something.
  4. God forbid if you die … yup, when you die you respawn to your last meditation spot. That means that you have to fight all those monsters and startroopers all over again …
  5. Boss fight ends in the middle of fight – yes, even though I am clearly winning and still got nearly full HP, boss is downed to half of their life points, a cutscene appears out of blue and BD-1 decided to put laser wall in … and Cal Kestis says that I would have died if it wasn’t for my droid … oh c’mon … I want to kill the boss in the first fight …

So there you have it – 5 things that I hate about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. What else do you hate? Or, perhaps, you love those 5 features of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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