007 Racing

007 Racing007 Racing is a PlayStation 1 exclusive game that was released in 2000. The game is based on James Bond series. 007 Racing is racing game (obviously). It features Pierce Brosnan, his character, however, the voice is casted by Tim Bentinck.

007 Racing storyline

The storyline of the game is nothing unique – some villain of high authority decides to hijack one of the most powerful equipment in the world. And then sell the equipment to terrorist.

So you, James Bond, start the game by rescuing Eastern European girl (and she’s certainly not Lithuanian). Once you are back in London, M tells you that NATO’s laser-guided and other missiles have been stolen and you are on the mission to save the day. Once again.

James Bond is sent off to New York. Once there, you will meet your friend from CIA. And then the villain tells you that he planted a bomb on your car. In case you try to slow donw – it will explode. Therefore, you need to get the car into the water and jump out of it before it explodes.

Then James Bond races and intercepts a carrier that smuggles stolen cars. After intorragation, you go to Mexico. There you end up racing Xenia in her Ferrari F355 and you get captured in Lousiana. Using your skills, you escape and travel to New York. There you download certain files.

Finally, 007 Racing game takes you to Baltic Sea where you end up destroying underwater base.

007 Racing gameplay

The game will take you across different continents – from Europe to South America and then North America. In the game you will be drving your Aston Martin DB5 most of the time. However, you will also be able to get your hands on other vehicles too. Cars such as BMW Z3 and Lotus Espirit are also available to use.

The verdict

Some people say that the graphics are ugly and nasty but missions are realle well designed. I have to agree – graphics are quite bad. While the story is not unique (as there never is in James Bon franchise really), 007 Racing is somewhat attractive.


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